Madison Avenue

Madison Avenue

New York, NY


We Are a Well Capitalized Principle Financial Investor with Full Discretion Over the Capital We Manage

Madison is a principal financial investor that partners with quality sponsors seeking to maintain ownership and management control of their class A properties and portfolios while providing existing investors with an exit strategy or monetizing their embedded equity positions. Madison is well capitalized and able to underwrite and close transactions quickly and in confidence.


Our Counterparties Always Know Where We Stand

Madison maintains total transparency in interactions with sponsors throughout all phases of the transaction timeline, from initial meetings through closing.

Track Record

We Have a Strong Track Record of Success and Align Ourselves with Best in Class Sponsors

Madison has partnered with dozens of nationally and internationally recognized real estate owners and investors to provide equity for their diverse liquidity needs. Madison’s track record for being a reliable partner has helped us build strong relationships throughout the real estate investment community.


We Provide Value and Industry Knowledge to Our Partners

Madison acts as a constructive, value-added partner. Because of Madison’s extensive experience and focus on real estate ownership, partners regularly use our team as a sounding board for ideas ranging from leasing initiatives to financing strategies to identifying opportunities for property repositioning. We have a team of industry professionals who understand the benefits and challenges of owning real estate assets which include the significant capital requirements, cash flow needs caused by tenant turnover, and required capital expenditures to maintain quality properties.


We Respect Our Partners’ Control Rights

Madison respects the sensitivities of real estate ownership control rights and seeks to be a fair and deferential partner regarding governance rights. As a result of our relationship-focused values, a significant portion of our transactions are sourced through Madison’s past and present partners who refer us to their colleagues and/or return to Madison for additional equity for other properties and portfolios.

Courvoisier Centre

Courvoisier Centre

Brickell Key, FL

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