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Developing Industry Relationships

Madison works hard to maintain strong relationships with its investors, partners and colleagues throughout the international real estate community. The firm holds memberships in various U.S. and European real estate and professional organizations, including AFIRE, PREA and INREV, and attends numerous real estate industry conferences, including Expo Real, MIPIM, and ICSC. Additionally, Madison has been a guest speaker or panelist at many industry conferences in the U.S. and Europe including the Bloomberg Commercial Real Estate Conference, Expo Real, INREV, Berliner Immobilienrunde, IMN European Distressed Real EstateSymposium, and Deutsche GRI.

Focusing on Higher Education

Madison’s senior executives and president are committed to sharing their industry knowledge and real estate insights with university students interested in pursuing a career in real estate. Madison executives have been frequent guest lecturers at Columbia Business School and The Wharton School of Business. In addition, Madison offers a structured analyst and summer associate recruitment program by visiting a select group of campuses to conduct interviews with undergraduates and MBA candidates who are interested in careers with Madison.

Helping the Community

Since its inception, Madison has been committed to ongoing involvement in organizations and events that benefit the communities that surround us in our New York City, London and Frankfurt offices. Over the years, Madison has been a contributor to: RBI Harlem, which provides inner-city youth with opportunities to play, learn, and grow; The Museum at Eldridge, a historical treasure that teaches the political, social, economic and technological events of our country’s immigrants; and UJA Federation which cares for people in need and strengthens communities in New York, in Israel, and around the world. The firm also participates in the annual Chase Corporate Challenge which not only strengthens our own team relationships, but also provides hundreds of thousands of dollars to important local organizations.

Songbird Estates

Canary Wharf, London

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