Madison has identified its office operations as a significant opportunity to implement best practices in sustainable operations of environmental impact. The Office Management team has worked to incorporate sustainability best practices with our site selection practices, lease requirements, and office operations.
Site Selection
Madison has 6 offices across 5 different countries. When identifying buildings for potential office space the team reviews the green building certifications and energy ratings as a part of its selection criteria.
Green Leasing
Since 2020, when possible Madison has worked to integrate green lease language as a part of all office leases to ensure access to energy data, and establish a landlord-tenant partnership to implement sustainability initiatives.
Offsetting Emissions
Since 2019, the Scope 2 emissions associated with electricity consumption at our New York City, London, and Frankfurt offices has been offset through a purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).
Annual GHG Inventory
Madison tracks its energy consumption at each of our corporate offices when submeters are in place. As Madison expands its footprint it will prioritize submetering of energy consumption at its offices as well as efficient and environmental design and operations to minimize its impact. Madison aims to complete a Scope 3 inventory analysis in the next two years.
Sustainable Procurement
Madison’s IT department prioritizes the purchase of energy efficient equipment for all offices. At the New York City office, Madison selects durable goods with sustainability features when available. The team is working on updating its procurement practices to align with LEED v4.1 O+M MR Prerequisite Ongoing Purchasing and Waste Policy requirements.​
Madison partners with a local composting vendor at its New York City office to manage and minimize food waste.