Ronald Dickerman

Ronald is President and Founder of Madison International Realty, a global, fully integrated real estate private equity firm providing joint venture and preferred equity to commercial real estate owners and investors within all major asset classes who are looking to recapitalize investments, restructure balance sheets, provide existing partners with an exit strategy or redeploy capital for new investments. His primary responsibilities include investment strategy, capital formation and risk management. Since its founding in 2002, Madison has raised more than $5.4 billion in capital commitments for investment in commercial real estate under Ronald’s guidance.

Mr. Dickerman has over 30 years of experience focused on the analysis, acquisition, financing, management and disposition of income-producing assets such as real estate, mortgage products, healthcare properties, leased equipment, media properties, oil & gas, as well as other specialty assets. Prior to founding Madison in 2002, Mr. Dickerman was President and Founder of First Equity Realty, LLC, a real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition of under-performing real estate assets from financial institutions. He is an active member of numerous real estate industry trade organizations and a frequent speaker on the topic of secondary investments and liquidity at real estate conferences and universities throughout the country.